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Andy Hathaway

Andy Hathaway

Qualified Instructor and member of AAPGAI & GAIA

I provide expert fly-casting tuition with single-handed and double-handed rods throughout London, Hertfordshire and Essex.

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I hold the APGAI qualification in the trout and salmon categories and I am a member of AAPGAI (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling) and GAIA (Game Angling Instructors Association). I have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of game angling. Here are some of the services I provideā€¦

  • Casting lessons
  • Start Fly Fishing days
  • Demonstrations and masterclasses
  • Guided fly fishing

Learning to cast - a unique approach Link to top

All casts rely on a single principle, namely that the long, thin flexible weight we call a flyline must be drawn smoothly through the air under constant tension. To achieve this, the caster has to develop a certain feel, which once achieved can be applied everywhere. This is why there are so many effective casters with very different actions. I have devised a set of simple drills which enable a caster to rapidly develop this essential feel.

Why it's so important to cast well Link to top

  • Good casts are relaxed, non fatiguing, aesthetically pleasing
  • Good casts enable good non-frightening presentation to the fish (you catch more)
  • Good casts enable fishing in most wind conditions
  • Good casts reduce tangles, especially the dreaded 'tailing loop'
  • Good casts avoid repetitive strain injuries like frozen shoulder and tennis elbow
  • Good casts go further - more distance
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